Why translate to Dutch

Why go through the trouble and expense of translating your brochure, website or app to Dutch? Between The Netherlands and Belgium, about 23 million people speak Dutch as their first, and sometimes only, language. While it is true that 90% of the Dutch also speak English, their proficiency varies largely depending on their education level, age, and experience. While they might not readily admit it, the preference of the Dutch is to read material in their native tongue. Why assume your message is understood when you can make sure? Furthermore, you are differentiating your company from your competition.

Don’t underestimate the financial importance of reaching this market. According to the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund, the Netherlands is the world’s 18th largest economy despite its small size. GDP per capita is $43,404 which makes it one of richest nations in the world.

The Netherlands is an industrial nation with limited natural resources. The economy is based on the importation of raw materials for processing into finished products for export. Food processing, metallurgy, chemicals, manufacturing, and oil refining are the principal industries. Agriculture is particularly important to the economy, as about 60% of total agricultural production is exported.

Because of its geographic position on the sea, outstanding harbor facilities, and numerous internal waterways, the Netherlands became a trading, transporting, and brokerage nation. A major role in the economy has always been played by the service industries, such as banks, trading companies, shipping enterprises, and brokerage and supply firms.

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