Pricing 2018

Basic Translation Services
Original Dutch/English text documents (PDF, MS Word, Excel, PPT and regular text files) are submitted via e-mail attachment or using our file upload service and are translated without differing from the original layout. Results are emailed back in PDF. Other formats available upon request.

Word Count (Source) Rate (USD) Lead Time (Business Days)
250 words or fewer $50.00 flat fee 3 Days
251-5000 words $0.20 per source word 3-5 Days
5001-10,000 words $0.15 per source word 5-7 Days
Over 10,000 words Call for pricing and lead-time

Expedited lead-times are available upon request. A surcharge of 30% applies.

Other services such as Proofreading, Copywriting and Transcreation are also offered. Proofreading charges are $0.06/word (minimum charge does apply) for translations that are at least 80% correct. In this case, you email us the source and translated documents. Dutch Translation Services checks the translation and corrects spelling and grammar errors.

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